Art Nouveau

We are pleased to be able to introduce some wonderful items from the rich era that preceded that modernist movement and are presenting selected pieces of Art Nouveau and Jugendstil design.

Art Nouveau Silver Dessert Spoon Set by WMF

An Art Nouveau Dessert Spoon Set (often referred...
Item #2803 Detail

Art Nouveau Silver Vase with Hammered Details

This tall Art Nouveau silver vase with...
Item #2781 Detail

Art Nouveau WMF Table Center Piece Jugendstil

Art Nouveau Silver Centerpiece was created by the...
Item #2773 Detail

European Art Nouveau Art Deco Metal & Enamel Curiosity Box

Unusual enamel Art Nouveau box, most likely...
Item #2548 Detail

Silver Tea Coffee Set WMF Art Nouveau with Tray

This silver plate five piece coffee and tea set...
Item #2510 Detail

Smoking Stand in Pewter-Jugendstil Art Deco

A Smoking Stand in hand- hammered metal with...
Item #2503 Detail

Complete Christofle Silverware Set in Wooden Storage Table

Elegant and useful: this 1920s Art Deco silver...
Item #2421 Detail

Art Nouveau "Repousse" Silver Champagne Bucket

A wonderful Art Nouveau Silver Champagne Bucket...
Item #2185 Detail

WMF Art Nouveau silver box w lid

  This beautiful Art Nouveau Box or...
Item #2174 Detail

Art Nouveau WMF Silver and Glass Punch Bowl

This opulent Silver and Etched Glass Punch Bowl...
Item #2139 Detail

WMF Art Nouveau Centerpiece Silver & Glass

WMF Art Nouveau Flower Dish Centerpiece with rare...
Item #2118 Detail

WMF Silver Jewel Casket Box

A charming Jugendstil design on this small silver...
Item #2096 Detail

WMF Silver Art Nouveau Jewelry Casket or Cigar Box

This  Art Nouveau box  is a  wonderful example...
Item #2095 Detail

Art Deco Classical Silver Centerpiece

An Art Deco Classical Silver Centerpiece with...
Item #2094 Detail

Elegant Silver Art Deco/Art Nouveau WMF Table Mirror

This mirror is perfect for a dressing table,...
Item #2087 Detail



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