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Zenith Art Deco Radio Model 808 Tombstone (1935) Bluetooth

Zenith Art Deco radio Model 808 Tombstone (1935)...
Item #3124 Detail

Crosley Art Deco 179 "Dual Four" Antique Tombstone (1934) Radio

Art Deco  Crosley radio from the earlier 1930s....
Item #3123 Detail

Zenith Model 6S254 Console Radio (1938), Bluetooth

The 6-S-254 prominently features Zenith’s...
Item #3121 Detail

Raymond Loewy for Westinghouse Columaire Skyscraper Grandmother Clock Radio

Art Deco Design in 1931 by Raymond Loewy for RCA...
Item #3118 Detail

Zenith Art Deco Radio 6-S-128 Tombstone (1937) Bluetooth

The Art Deco Zenith six-tube large...
Item #3108 Detail

American Bosch model 854T (1939) The Largest Tombstone Radio

American Bosch model 854T (1939) am/shortwave...
Item #3031 Detail

Bluetooth Speaker in Vintage Art Deco Cabinet Restored

Restored vintage speaker cabinet. Added new...
Item #2977 Detail

Philco Restored Tube Radio Model 70 Cathedral (1933) with Mini-Jack for Bluetooth

Philco Cathedral radio model 70 is a beauty....
Item #2793 Detail

Setchell Carlson Art Deco Restored Table Top Radio Bluetooth

1937 Setchell Carlson tabletop tube radio. The...
Item #2767 Detail

European French Restored Art Deco Modernist Clock Radio Bluetooth

European French Restored Art Deco Modernist Clock...
Item #2741 Detail

Stromberg-Carlson 231-R Chairside Tube Radio Bluetooth (1937)

Stromberg-Carlson 231-R Chairside Tube Radio...
Item #2730 Detail

Majestic Art Deco 463 Century six 460 Desk Top Tube Radio Bluetooth

The Art Deco style was in full swing during 1934...
Item #2725 Detail

Antique Detrola Rare Fancy Wood Restored Bluetooth Tube Radio

1939 Detrola Model 2811, Rare Fancy Wood Restored...
Item #2692 Detail

Airline 62-346 Art Deco Restored Tube Radio Bluetooth

TheAirline 62-346 Art Deco Restored Tube Radio...
Item #2670 Detail

Grunow 700 Chrome Front Art Deco Restored Tube Bluetooth Radio

The Grunow 700  has a chrome frontispiece  with...
Item #2665 Detail

Zenith 5s237 Art Deco Restored Tube Radio Bluetooth

Original Zenith Radio model (1937) 5s237 Black...
Item #2654 Detail

Fada Art Deco Bakelite Radio Bluetooth Speaker

A Fada Art Deco Bakelite Radio with Bluetooth...
Item #2653 Detail


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