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Zenith 9S263 Sutter Dial Oval Shaped Console Radio with Bluetooth

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Zenith  9S263 Sutter Dial Oval Shaped Console Radio with Bluetooth This rare classic console was part of the 1938 Zenith lineup that featured many other radios that used the unique “Robot” dial, commonly called a shutter dial. The 9-S-263 is a very rare “collector quality” model because very few were made compared to the other models; the oval shape sets it apart. It has motorized tuning, Local/Distance & tone selectors, adjustable bass speaker baffle, tuning eye, and the band selection shutter dial.


The cabinet is stunning with walnut veneers and maple inlays. The interior was redone in the correct Zenith blue. Shutters are excellent with no corrosion or paint loss. Chassis is in mint condition and receives the Broadcast band and Short Wave in two bands from 1.7 to 18 MC. Complete electronics tuneup with all new capacitors; tubes and resistors checked and replaced as needed. Grille cloth is a correct repro; knobs are original wood. This radio includes an aux input cable so you can play your favorite tunes or Old Time Radio shows using a CD player, computer, iPod, Smartphone, Bluetooth.





43″H x 27″W x 17″D

Price (USD)

$ 4,800
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