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Art Deco Vintage Paper for sale: magazines, paper labels, pochoir, perfume, books, ephemera.

Art Deco French Creme de Menthe Liquor Label

This is an original lithographed  Creme de...
Item #3760 Detail

Art Deco Vintage French Poster for Benedictine Liqueur 1930, Original

An Original Art Deco Poster for Benedictine...
Item #3586 Detail

Art Nouveau French Soap Box Label

Lush Art Nouveau French Soap Table for Aureole...
Item #3363 Detail

Hand Painted Pochoir French Greeting Card

A Holiday Card made in France using the Pochoir...
Item #3036 Detail

Veramint French Advertising Fan

An original French Art Deco  paper advertising...
Item #2570 Detail

California Dream Orange Crate Label

An original orange crate label designed in 1928...
Item #2287 Detail




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