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Art Deco Humidors for sale: Martini Club, San Francisco, Buenos Aires, Custom, Cedar, Dunhill, Hydrometer


Humidors for sale

Art Deco Collection custom made humidors:

Made specifically for the Martini Club-San Francisco/Buenos Aires.  For those looking for the finest in cigar accouterment, can we entice you with one of these delightful hand made boxes.


These beautifully detailed humidors are made for the devotee, aficionado or one to be! Much research has gone into refining the necessary details for maximum storage, humidification and function. These not high production or catalogue items, they are made specifically for our shop and online customers. We have experimented with swirly walnut, intense macasar wood and black lacquer. Please take a look through the examples shown below. We have taken our inspiration from the past and made, I a classic box, fit for a lifetime.


Each humidor is hand made to our specifications, using ultra fines woods and inlay material. All the interiors use, brass hinges, Spanish cedar: each with partitions and separators to customize and design “your” layout for whichever kind of cigars you like to smoke. From the smaller Robusto’s to Churchill’s and double Coronas! The choice is yours!


There are many different humidification systems available today and we have learned that not every system will work universally for each person. We can advise you on what we like to use, but we have decided to leave that final decision up to you. Each humidor includes an adjustable HygroSet ll digital Hygrometer.


Walter Von Nessen Chase Lazy Boy Smoker's Stand Brass Chrome Original

Original Walter Von Nessen Brass and Laminate...
Item #3558 Detail

Iron Ash Tray in style of Edgar Brandt

Great Edgar Brandt design:  ash tray –...
Item #2603 Detail

Art Deco Humidor with Intricate Inlay

A humidor with intricate and beautiful inlay on...
Item #2306 Detail

Art Deco Humidor in Lacquer

A richly laquered Art Deco box in which to store...
Item #4 Detail

Desktop Humidor

This is our first humidor design with all the...
Item #1 Detail


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