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Art Deco Statues and Art for Sale: Sculpture in Bronze, Metals and Marble created by Le Verrier, Le Faguays, Martel, Chiparus, Bouraine, Robj, Godard, Carvin, Bitter and many more. Fine Art with Deco influence featuring the work of European painters such as Ronget, Chabrier, LaCaze and Fashion Designs by Bernard and Wittop.

We feature an art collection at Art Deco Collection that has been selected to complement our furnishings and are emblematic of the Deco style. Nudes are a popular subject matter, and we have many fine oil paintings from the period. Currently, we are featuring a series by Claude Lacaze in the French Cubist tradition. While some pieces are unsigned or are by artists about whom little is known, we also offer documented works by such artists as Irving Sinclair, Ronget, Karl Baumann, Chabrier, Jacques Dupont. French, Russian, Swedish, and English posters of the 1920s and 30s are represented as well. We also have lovely fashion plates, paintings, and pochoirs depicting couture and costume designs. Many of our pieces are watercolors from an archive of the great French fashion designer Bernard. Other examples are small paintings by Freddy Wittop, a contemporary of Erte and famed creator of costumes from Follies Bergere to Broadway.


Our most popular category, by far….is our selection of original Art Deco Statues and Sculptures. Most of the collection is French and includes pieces by Max Le Verrier, Pierre La Faguays, Charles, Bouraine, Marius Sain, Descomps, Jean de Roncourt, and Robj.  Cast in Bronze and as well as other metals and ceramic with bases often made of rich marble.


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