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California Dream Orange Crate Label

Item #2287

An original orange crate label designed in 1928 and printed in 1938 depicting the romance of the “California Dream” as a means of selling not only oranges but also the ideal of traveling and living in California.


Hundreds of labels were designed in the early part of the 20th Century as people moved west and developed orange groves and the need to personalize the fruit from every orchard gave rise to an

amazing array of lithographic artistry.


Sunkist California Dream won a design award in 1928 and was produced by Western Lithograph using a technique called “bronzing” in which actual gold metal dust was combined with the inks.  Created for Bradford Brothers of Placentia , it is an iconic image and an excellent example of Art Deco Graphic Arts. This label is in perfect condition, having never been pasted on a crate.


More information can be found in the book “Orange Crate Art” . A major exhibition was featured many years ago at the De Young Museum and a small grouping of labels is currently on display at San Francisco’s Palace of the Legion of Honor.





10″ tall, 11″ wide

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$ 40
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