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Art Deco Collection is pleased to present a new group of services in Restoration, Design Consultation and Custom Furniture.


Over the past twelve years as we have developed our business focusing on original antiques and accessories of the Art Deco Era, we have also recognized that there are many pieces which benefit from refurbishing. There are things that we have acquired that need a “glamorizing” transformation, and we are proud to have designed custom pieces that can be made to meet client requests. We have been called upon for Design Consultation in special projects where room layout, lighting, color choice and custom furnishings are required.


On occasion we will have an antique item that is so perfect, so popular that we want to be able to duplicate it for future customers. These items are never sold as “antiques”, we are committed to accurately describing things as either “old” or “newly restored” or “new construction”.


Owner Richard Fishman can meet with you to plan custom design work and to contract upholstery, ironwork and lighting projects.


Please view the examples of these restoration and transformation projects by clicking on the buttons below!



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