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Zenith Model 7-S-28, 1936 Tombstone Restored Bluetooth Radio (1936)

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1936 Zenith tombstone Model 7-S-28, 1936 The radio is a spectacular combination of angles and veneers, with the iconic multi-colored and oversized dial. This radio is one of the large tombstone cabinets offering a full range 8-inch speaker and a tremendous quality sound. This 7-tuber is not a common find these days.  Bands are individually illuminated in colors and include A-B-C automatic band indication. An 8-inch dynamic speaker provides clear, rich sound.  The two-knob tuning mechanism was introduced beginning with 7-tube chassis models in the 1936 line-up.  The larger inside knob provides for coarse tuning and the smaller outside knob is the fine-tuning (vernier) ‘split-second’ control.  The same knob compliment is used up the line to the 16-tube Stratosphere models. It has 1/8th jack input with a Bluetooth transmitter or any device you would like to hook up directly.
This will allow you an unlimited choice of content which will allow you to use this with your iPhone, smartphone, iPods, or record player. Access your old vinyl, or log on to  Pandora, Apple Music, or the playlist on your computer to provide the tunes. Use the Bluetooth connection to bring the warm, bright, analog sound of a tube amplifier to any music or recordings you choose.


Zenith Radio



22-1/2″H x 16-1/2″W x 13-1/2″D

Price (USD)

$ 3,400
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