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Art Deco Painting Mysterious and Beautiful Spanish Woman

I am in love with the woman in this art deco...
Item #1787 Detail

Original Béla Kádár Art Deco Constructivisim Painting, Oil on Canvas

What a fabulous piece of original art by the...
Item #1428 Detail

French Oil Painting of Nude Woman by Lacaze

This is an absolutely fabulous piece of artwork,...
Item #900 Detail

Lacaze Painting of Nude with Towel

This is a very unique painting by Claude Lacaze,...
Item #889 Detail

Painting of Women Gazing in Mirror by Vernageau French Art Deco

A lovely French oil on canvas depicting two women...
Item #676 Detail

Art Deco Portrait of Russian Socialite

French Russian socialite, Art Deco portrait.
Item #162 Detail


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