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Jugendstil Art Deco Silver Tea and Coffee Set from Germany

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A “Jugendstil” silver plated tea and coffee set that is the best example of the way that the luxurious decorative design of the Art Nouveau Era began to follow the forms of what would soon become the “Art Deco Style”. This beautiful set has it all!  Teapot, coffee pot, creamer, and sugar, and best of all a spectacular matching tray with the embellishment on the handles.


Everything about this set is so graceful. The finials at the top, the embossed design of concentric circles. Created in 1910 in Germany and imported to Argentina yet it appears to never have been used so the interiors are in wonderful condition, making this a perfect gift for a wedding, housewarming, or simply for yourself. It has the power to transport you to an elegant time, a golden age when “tea time” was the highlight of the day.


Jugendstil literally means “young style” and it was the movement that brought new forms to Austria, Germany, and other countries of Eastern Europe. It retained the curves from the lavish Art Nouveau period but it introduced geometric and sleeker lines in the design of products in that period.



silver tea illustration



Coffee Pot 10 x 8
Teapot 8.5 x8
Sugar 6 x 5.5
Creamer 6 x 4.5
Tray 23 x 13

Price (USD)

$ 2,500
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