Art Deco Ceramic Masks and Figurines: Goldscheider, Germany, Austria, Vienna, Czech, Porcelain

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Very Rare Original Robj Bonbonniere Candy Jars French Art Deco – White Queen

Original condition Robj decorative ceramics bon...
Item #2039 Detail

Art Deco Ceramic Mask

A lyrical, beautiful mask in the Goldscheider...
Item #1292 Detail

Wonderful Terra-Cotta Mask Art Deco Czech like Goldscheider

These 3 dimensional masks do not come up very...
Item #1250 Detail

Czech Ceramic Head Figure

Nice ceramic head figurine, not signed but...
Item #392 Detail

Czech Terra-Cotta Mask

Czech terra-cotta mask, woman with round mouth
Item #241 Detail


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