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Art Deco Ceramic Face in Goldscheider Style

Item #3010

An Art Deco ceramic wall mask in the traditional, Austrian  Goldscheider style from the 1930s.  The texture of the cascading black curls and ruffled collar are an interesting contrast to the smooth, pale skin. This piece is in excellent condition


Decorative wall masks were very popular in the Art Deco Era, often having a more primitive look in terra-cotta.  This is an example of a mask that has a more refined finish. There is no signature on this piece but it has the iconic “sausage curls” that several Goldscheider artists employed.


It also reflects the fashion of the period with its emphasis on sleek finger waves and curly architectural hairstyles.


Art Deco Waves and Curls




11.5″ tall, 8″ wide

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$ 600
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