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Wonderful Terra-Cotta Mask Art Deco Czech like Goldscheider

Item #1250

These 3 dimensional masks do not come up very often. Made in the Austrian tradition like Goldscheider, it is not marked. After, many years of working with these masks, we have learned that great pieces were also made in Czechoslovakia and Germany during the same period. I am guessing that this piece is from the Czech Republic, even though the quality, finish and colors are very similar to those associated with Goldscheider. What is particularly great about this piece in addition to her beautiful face, she has a stylized deco hat and wonderful hands. Again, these 3 dimensional pieces are much more rare then the typical head/masks you normally see. The back has incised numbers: 1190, so this must be a model number of sorts. Has the nice rich blue and orange typical colors from this Austrian palette. Here is a chance to own a truly remarkable mask, that is quite rare.

About Goldscheider
In 1885, Friedrich Goldscheider came from the small Bohemian city of Pilsen to Vienna and founded the Goldscheider Manufactory and Majolica Factory. It became one of the most influential ceramic manufactories of terracotta, faience and bronze objects in Austria with subsidiaries in Paris, Leipzig and Florence. For over half a century Goldscheider created masterpieces of historical revivalism, Art Nouveau(Jugendstil) and Art Deco. Famous artists like Josef Lorenzl, Stefan Dakon, Ida Meisinger and the two perhaps best known Austrian ceramic artists Michael Powolny and Vally Wieselthier worked for Goldscheider. More than 9,000 different models were created over a period of three generations. Since the very beginning many of these won first prizes and gold medals at innumerable world fairs, exhibitions and trade fairs. Goldscheider figures are nowadays very much sought after by collectors world-wide and reach astonishing prices at auctions. Goldscheider has made porcelains in three places. The family left Vienna in 1938 and started factories in England and in Trenton, New Jersey. The New Jersey factory started in 1940 as Goldscheider-U.S.A. In 1941 it became Goldscheider-Everlast Corporation. From 1947 to 1953 it was Goldcrest Ceramics Corporation. In 1950 the Vienna plant was returned to Mr. Goldscheider and the company continues in business. The Trenton, New Jersey, business, now called Goldscheider of Vienna, imports all of the pieces.



15″ long x 7″ wide

Price (USD)

$ 1,800
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