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Smoking Stand in Pewter-Jugendstil Art Deco

Item #2503

A Smoking Stand in hand- hammered metal with pewter finish that has a distinctly Jugendstil design. The heart motif and the four square embellishments on the triangular base are the essence of the 1910/Arts and Crafts era so this makes a wonderful accent piece even if yours is a smoke free home!


But if you DO enjoy the pleasures of a fine cigar and snifter  of brandy, then pull this up to your oversized club chair and relax. The stand features a candle holder, ash tray and a match holder. It is light enough to move around the room if you wish, but sturdy enough to make a statement and be a permanent part of your decor.


Cigar Smoker at Home




33″ tall

13″ wide at base

Price (USD)

$ 900
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