Boch Freres Ceramics: Charles Catteau, Vases, Cloisonne, Belgian, Modernist

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Catteau Era Ceramic Art Deco Vase with flower motif

Large Vase with unusual color treatment. Made by...
Item #2020 Detail

Catteau Era Ceramic Art Deco Vase with Bird

Catteau era vase with bird. ANY piece depicting...
Item #2018 Detail

Unusual Boch Catteau Era Ceramic Vase

The highly stylized Boch Catteau era vase is...
Item #2017 Detail

Important Boch Freres stylized Ceramic Catteau Vase

This is a wonderful Catteau Vase, rather lyrical...
Item #1849 Detail

Charles Catteau Octagon Stepped Art Deco Vase

Have you ever seen anything quite like this?...
Item #1623 Detail

Charles Catteau "La Louviere" Hexagon Vase

Sometimes you just want to flip a vase over and...
Item #1622 Detail

Pair of Matching of Boch Freres Modernist Centerpiece Bowls

Here is a classic modernist pedesta bowl by Boch....
Item #1280 Detail

Boch Frères Floral Cloisonné Vase

Here’s a beautiful and large floral...
Item #1124 Detail

Rare Back and Gold Iridescent Boch Vase Catteau

An extremely rare Boch piece. This is certainly a...
Item #991 Detail

Stunning Keramis Pottery Vase

This stunning piece of Boch pottery, with a...
Item #883 Detail

Catteau Rocket Vase

This superb vase has a rocket shape, and is...
Item #882 Detail

Boch Freres Powder Dish

A lovely decorative powder dish by Boch Freres....
Item #873 Detail

Keramis Stoneware Vase

A Boch Freres vase, painted in pink and blue, and...
Item #872 Detail

Boch Chevron Vase Catteau

Another stunning example of Boch pottery. The...
Item #825 Detail

Boch Modernist Vase

Here is a classic modernist shape by Boch. This...
Item #344 Detail


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