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Boch Frères Art Deco Ceramic Vase with Floral Design

Item #2998

An Art Deco Vase from the  ”Charles Catteau era” of  Boch Freres Keramis collection produced in La Louviere. Catteau was considered the master of Art Deco Design, and his work predates the explosion of the style in the 1920s. He was trained in the famous ceramics school in Sevres, France and then in 1906 hired by Boch Pottery, a venerable company in business since the mid-1800s but looking for a fresh direction. Within one year, in 1907, Catteau became the chief designer of a line called ”Atelier de Fantasie” that employed the use of “ceramic cloisonné ” in which clear outlines of patterns and images were filled in with rich enamel colors.


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What makes this piece so unique is the very rich and abundant use of the “ceramic cloisonne” technique that has covered the vase in a riot of overlapping colors and florals.  The gilded embellishment on both sides of the piece adds an unusual decorative touch as well.



12 inches tall
5 inches wide

Price (USD)

$ 800
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