Art Deco Modernist Vase Shape Boch Freres Catteau
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Art Deco Modernist Vase Shape Boch Freres Catteau

Item #2045

Boch Freres ceramics made during the Charles Catteau period are very desirable. This modernist shape is simple, completed in solid blue-turquoise color outlining a very desirable shape.  The shape was utilized a lot as one of the great decorative backdrops during this very fruitful period of the Boch company.  This simple faceted design is great. This particular piece was intended to be a lamp base, which you can find from time to time. The hole in the bottom (show in the photo slide) was obviously intended because the glaze is evenly allocated showing it was a factory job. There are many wonderful Boch designs utilizing color (as this one does), which gives this piece a timeless and modern look.


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Height 9.5 inches
Width 6.5 inches

Price (USD)

$ 1,200
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