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Boch Freres Stoneware for Sale: Vases, Gres Keramis, Belgium, 1920s, Charles Catteau

Boch Stoneware Vase • Gres Keramis

Here’s a gorgeous matte-finish stoneware...
Item #1048 Detail

1930s Boch Stoneware Vase

A 1930′s Boch vase (stoneware) painted in...
Item #867 Detail

Gres Keramis Vase

A stoneware vase by the Boch Company, painted in...
Item #866 Detail

Keramis Stoneware Vase

A beautiful example of a stoneware vase by the...
Item #865 Detail

Catteau Boch Keramis Plate/Bowl

A Catteau plate/bowl, circa 1920′s. Made in...
Item #854 Detail

Charles Catteau Vase

This lovely vase is decorated with dripping...
Item #829 Detail


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