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Max Le Verrier Demarco Gazelle Statue

Item #3196

Art Deco Statue signed “DeMarco”, created in the Le Verrier Atelier circa the 1930s. The gazelle was sold both as a single piece as well paired with a sculpture of Diana the Huntress. It uses the unique style of the base in which the figure is positioned to cantilever out of the stone for dramatic effect.  The patina is the original verdigris. This is an iconic sculpture with the leaping gazelle a popular, artistic symbol of the era.


New information solves this puzzle “who was DeMarco“. It is now believed that De Marco was a nom de plume- an alias created to signify that the pairing of two pieces that form the sculpture ” Atalante ” were, in fact, a figure of Diana designed by Marcel Bouraine joined with a gazelle designed by Max LeVerrier and both pieces produced in the Le Verrier Foundry. This key information was provided by the owner of the original letter signed by Bouraine to confirm the sale of the Diana statue to the Atelier Le Verrier.



We also currently have in stock a smaller version that also mirrors the larger model as well. You can see that here in the “detail box”



18″ W x 14″ T x 4″ D

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$ 2,600
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