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Large Art Deco Bronze Statue Marcel Bouraine "Awakening"

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Powerful French Art Deco Bronze statue by important sculptor Marcel Bouraine. This stunning extra large bronze casting is very impressive (it appears twice the size of the largest bronzes in the shop). The shiny brass patina/finish gives this  glamourous reclining female nude form a presence that will just take your breath away. A unique statue of remarkable beauty and emotional finesse. Signature cast M. Bouraine on the bronze base. Refined and  detailed: reclining figure, fingers, feet, hair and the most beautiful face I’ve ever seen rendered as a bronze sculpture.


We currently have other pieces of Bouraine’s work in our inventory. His work is always interesting and high quality. We are very pleased to be able to present these here.




Marcel Bouraine (1886-1948, France): studied under Joseph Falguiere in France .He is highly regarded by Art Deco collectors and his works are usually in bronze or bronze and ivory or marble. He also worked with Argy Rouseau and created pate de verre lamps and sculptures. Bouraine was also a member of the Evolution Group. There is considerable information on his work online.


After the war he participated in many of the Parisian salons and expositions and created sculptures for a variety of foundries including Etling, Goldscheider and did a great deal of work both  with and for his good friend, sculptor Max LeVerrier.  It is tempting to wonder just how much more he might have produced had he not lived through two world wars that impacted a significant part of his career which had just begun at the time of WW1 and ended just after WW2.





20.5″ T x 22″ W x 10.75″ D

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