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Marcel Bouraine Art Deco Bronze Woman Sculpture

Item #2356

An Art Deco Sculpture as substantial as it is beautiful, this work is a bronze statue by Marcel Bouraine.  A seated nude in a demure pose, it has acquired a rich patina. The base is an integral part of the piece, also cast in bronze and bearing his signature.


Bouraine did magnificent sculptures of women as well as animals and created several sculptural  lamps.  Some of his pieces are also signed with his pseudonyms “Derrene” or “Briand”.


Marcel Bouraine was born in Pontoise, France in 1886 and died in 1948. He is  known for his chryselephantine figures, bronzes and figural groups, many with a classical theme – such as  Diana the Huntress or his famous Amazonian  with shield and spear.  He has the distinction of being primarily self taught and during the war years of 1914-1918 was taken prisoner by the Germans, interned in Switzerland where he produced several monuments.


After the war he participated in many of the Parisian salons and expositions and created sculptures for a variety of foundries including Etling, Goldscheider and did a great deal of work both  with and for his good friend, sculptor Max LeVerrier.  It is tempting to wonder just how much more he might have produced had he not lived through two world wars that impacted a significant part of his career which had just begun at the time of WW1 and ended just after WW2.



22 ” wide, 19″ tall , 8.5″ deep

Price (USD)

$ 6,500
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