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Jean Canneel Art Deco Belgian Sculptor Monumental Bronze

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Impressive bronze sculpture by Belgian sculptor  Jean Canneel. A dynamic and dramatic statue depicting a man on horse rearing back on his hind legs. Done in the realistic style with great attention to detail. It is mounted on a red marble base.


Jean Canneel exhibited his work in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and Paris. His early work was his employment as an ornamentalist in the atelier of Georges Houtstont in Belgium. He also studied with Victor Rousseau and Charles Van de Stappen. After fighting in World War 1 in which he was injured, he was unable to return to sculpting unit after 1920. He is best known for his outdoor monuments including the Memorial to Doctors at the Saint Pierre Clinic in Belgium and his sculpture depicting “Springtime”.


In 1933 he was named Director fo the Academie at Saint Gilles and then in 1957 he spent time living in the Belgian Congo where he was commissioned to do the monument to King Leopold lll.  His work appears in the Museums of Ixelles, Kaunas, Riga and Tallinn.


Jean Caneel was a member of an important family of artists. His Grandfather was the painter Theodore Joseph Canneel and his father, brothers and children were also artists.  His bother Eugene was especially prolific, participating in the Paris Exposition des Artes Decoratif creating medallions, monuments and sculpture.


We are featuring three pieces of Canneel sculpture at Art Deco Collection.



One by Eugene and two by Jean. View the links here:


Jean Canneel Cubist Cat



 Diploma from 1935 Belgian Exposition



Eugene Canneel Sculpture



Jean Canneel (Saint-Josse-ten-Node, 1889 – Saint-Gilles, 1963)




28″ T x 8 x 14″ D

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$ 8,500
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