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Art Deco sculpture by Derenne, the Disk Dancer, a LeVerrier edition

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Art Deco sculpture by Derenne, the Disk Dancer, a LeVerrier 

Exceptional and exceedingly rare original sculpture designed by Derenne and manufactured at the foundry of Max le Verrier. This amazing petite bronze art deco figurine in the shape of a disc dancer (originally titled the paian dancer) was made during the 1920s and is signed by the artist Derenne. Typical for all statues coming out of this famous foundry is the extreme elegance of the movement which seems to frozen in time and the very fine detailing which made Max le Verrier one of the most oustanding representatives of the art deco movement. The piece stands on a black marble base. Derenne was a pseudonym use by Marcel Bouraine.

Marcel Bouraine - born in Pontoise, France, he was self-taught and also exhibited at all the main Paris salons. Best known for his chryselephantine figures he also made full bronzes and figural groups, many with a classical theme – like Diana the Huntress or his famous Amazonian Diana with shield and spear. This piece is simply stunning and would make a great addition to any collection.



10.5″ T X 2.5″ W x 2.5″ D

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