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WMF Silver Art Nouveau Jewelry Casket or Cigar Box

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This  Art Nouveau box  is a  wonderful example of Jugendstil/ Art Nouveau silver work from the famed German company WMF  (the Wurtemmbergische Metallwarenfabrik) which produced an amazing array of varied household and decorative items in the early 20th Century.

It is easy to see the evolution of the sweeping, curvilinear lines of Art Nouveau as they hint of the Art Deco Design that would soon follow in the
years to come. The box is in beautiful condition, lined in black velvet and ready to house your many treasures, whether that means precious jewels, old love letters or even your  fine cigars!




WMF was produced in Wurttemberg Germany, and distributed to many countries. Much of it made its way to Argentina where the nouveau riche and the very European population of Buenos Aires in that era were avid collectors of the style between 1904 and the 1920s.
If you are ever fortunate enough to visit , many architectural gems abound in that city. Here is a video slide show set to music to inspire you.




9″ wide, 5″ deep and 5.5″ tall

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