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Art Deco Grand Silver Chalice

Item #2383

This monumental French silver chalice can be a decorative piece for a table top, filled with fruit and flowers or simply as a piece to be admired. This one, in delicately hand crafterd silver is stamped on the bottom with the initials” A G ” and ” France” and it dates from the 1920s.


A chalice is a special cup of grand size used in nearly every religion on earth for a ceremonial purpose:  to hold sacred wine or sacred waters, to convey a blessing and even the occasional curse.  The “Silver Chalice” is  also the name of a great novel, and then later a film starring Paul Newman, set in Rome with a quest by Julius Caeser to find the chalice used at the Last Supper. His orders? To seek and destroy it.


Silver Chalice Movie Still



The chalice offered by Art Deco Collection is a perfect addition to adorn your table or mantle.

Your orders?  Seek and enjoy it!

Here are two examples of a chalice as centerpiece:

silver chalice and grapes


silver chalice with floral




13″Tall x 9.5″ Wide

Price (USD)

$ 1,500
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