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Art Deco Elephant Sculpture Lamp French 1930

Item #3027

Art Deco Elephant Sculpture Lamp French 1930, patinated art metal with antique red glass inlay. Excellent condition mood lamp with detailed embossed metal patterns of mosaic designs representing both Indian and Middle Eastern motifs. This is evident in the base, wrap around the elephant, and of course, the somewhat mosaic repeat design details shown throughout this art metal lamp.


This piece is completely original except for new wiring and comes apart in 3 pieces.  allowing to easily change the light bulb when necessary. The sculpture consists of the crown, the top support, and the elephant body. This would make a great accent piece, ambient light, and looks great with the red light dimmed slightly.






12.4″ L. x 3″ W. x 5.5″ D

Price (USD)

$ 2,000
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