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George Leleu French Art Deco Table Lamp 1920s

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French Art Deco table lamp by Georges Leleu. This is a rare original piece with detailed glass and detailed metalwork in nickeled bronze. The glass is signed G. Leleu in the glass and there is a 4 digit number above it. So great to see some of these survive in such great shape after so many years. The glass is thick and supported well with the metal base and removable top.The lamp is circa 1925-1930 and in beautiful condition.


The shades in moulded-pressed glass were produced for Leleu by the glass makers that created shades bearing the signatures of Hanot and Verlys. The  delicate semi opaque  and crystal-alike appearance is similar to the  best shades des Hanots made for the company of Hettier et Vincent.



12.5″ T x 6.25″ W x 6.25″ D

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