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French Art Deco Movie Theater Sconces

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Spectacular 1930s French Movie theater sconces. Mixed metals using dappled bronze, brass and patinated metal. All parts extremely well made and machined to a quality standard originally designed for commercial use. These came from a theater in Paris, found their way to England and then right here in Oakland California where they flanked the stage of The Montclair’s Women Club.  I was fortunate enough to be contacted by the owner and immediately purchased them for our inventory.


After some serious cleaning, conditioning and elbow grease, these have been brought back to their original splendor. They shine, gleam and are ready to serve someone for about another 85 years. Very impressed with the way the doors are engineered and the decorative bolts which line up perfectly to keep everything nice and snug.  They would make a great accent for your home theater or these could even be utilized in an  exterior installation as long as there was some covering above them.


They will certainly make someone very happy.


Rex Cinema Paris 2

Rex Cinema in Paris, France

montclair womenclub 2

 Montclair Women’s Club, Oakland California



30″ T x 12/5″ W x 6″ D

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