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Stunning Art Deco Floor Lamp with glass rods and lights

Item #1875

Here is a striking floor torchier lamp. Quite unusual and it creates a dramatic affect when turned on. There lamp metal is chrome and finished with alternating glass rods (frosted and clear) which created this dynamic look. It is newly made from an original period desgin but not something we’ve ever seen before.  Taking off from the Petitot school of design. Not only do you get this wonderful ambient light, but the top of the torchier will accommodate any wattage bulb for ceiling/task lighting.  All working on a floor dimmer switch provided. Typically special order, but normally available at once.


Special order only!



70″ T (tall) x 23″ W (top) x 17″ W (bottom)

Price (USD)

$ 4,000
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