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Spectacular Art Deco Floor lamps torchieres two-tone wood

Item #1815

Custom made art deco floor lamps (for our shop) our just a thing of beauty. These took some time to work out all the details. Wonderful chrome tulip-bell shaped tops supported by glorious glass balls. Most important is the play between the medium brown highly polished wood and the nice jet black wood inlays that create this dynamic two-tone madera wood treatment They look terrific, could be used to balance between a piece of furniture, at the base of a dramatic stairway or just offering wonderful light for any room.


Also, note the chrome necklace band at the bottom of these statuesque floor lights. Great balance, great quality and a stunning pair of lights that will make a statement in any room trying to create the glamours art deco style.



70″ T x 16″W at the top and 15″ W at the bottom

Price (USD)

$ 9,000
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