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Petitot Art Deco Copper Chandelier with Ezan Glass

Item #2244

Ornate Art Deco Copper Chandelier by Petitot boasts five uplights and a center light  made by Ezan Glass, the French company

famous for its opalescent “icicle glass” . In fact the icicles appear to be dripping down the sides of each glass bell shade and also through ice “crystals” that let extra light pass through the copper trumpet top. Often this technique is called “waterfall” or fountain styling.


Redone with US wiring and bulbs, this will give robust light as well as style and decor. Notice all the texturing in the glass by Ezan. It is work very much in the Sabino tradition.  The glass is both milky and translucent, with a wide color spectrum that shows flashes of blue, pink and amber even though it is predominantly clear.





26″ length
28″ wide

Price (USD)

$ 2,200
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