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spectacular Art Deco Folding Bar

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The most spectacular Deco Bar I have ever seen. This perfectly restored piece has it all. It folds up and folds out. In the fold up position the size is: 41″ X 19″ 19″. The wood has a high gloss French polish and all of the metal is highly polished chrome and stainless. In the open position, the piece is 41″ 40″ X 19″ deep. There are so many possibilities with this piece. Beautiful wood and chrome arms pull out to support the top. All wood sides have piano type hinges for easy movement. There is a 3″ chrome kick base that makes the piece look like it is floating. I wish I knew who designed this piece because someone really put a lot of time and effort into working all the details. Everything lines up just perfectly, with lots of interior storage and a pull out drawer! This is it, the ultimate Deco Bar



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