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Art Deco Style 12-Sided Faceted Unique Marquetry Table

Item #3606

An Art Deco era exquisite 12-sided Faceted Side Table. This unique piece seamlessly blends intricate marquetry craftsmanship with geometric design elements, creating a stunning focal point for any room. We have a matching pair of these tables, but it is priced here as a single item.


The side table features a distinct 12-sided faceted shape, adding a touch of sophistication to its Art Deco charm. The tabletop, crafted from [insert material], showcases a one-of-a-kind marquetry pattern, exhibiting meticulous handcrafted detailing and intricate inlay work.


This side table boasts a gloss finish that enhances its visual appeal. The sturdy legs, constructed from solid wood, provide stability and luxury. The table has a well-fitted drawer that compliments the faceted table top.


As a fully assembled piece, this side table is ready to elevate your interior with its unique blend of craftsmanship and design. Carefully considering materials and finishes ensures a lasting beauty that requires only minimal care.



25Z” T x 20.5″ W x 20.5″ D

Price (USD)

$ 2,500
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