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Custom Art Deco Swivel Wood Bar Stool Exotic Woods

Item #2784

Custom Art Deco Swivel wood barstool using exotic woods. Quality materials: French nails used for cream leather upholstery, subtle contrasting woods pronounce some of the design details with the magnified beveled edge of intense walnut graining. This design reflects real thought, craftsmanship and details. Small chrome metal reinforcements on the foot of each leg.



We have been selling Art Deco bars and barstools over 25 years and it is almost impossible to buy (and to find) great Art Deco barstools. We have one model on our site ongoing that we started to develop over 15 years ago. I have to say, the model offered here represents one of the best Art Deco designs ever produced (and also works great). With this chair, there is stability, back support, swivel action and sophistication.







44″ T x 15.75″ W x 15.75″ D (seat 32″ T)

Price (USD)

$ 2,200
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