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Art Deco Sofa Day bed with storage cabinets

Item #1796

This is a wonderful custom made sofa day bed for our shop. These are very handy pieces of furniture, very multipurpose. Great as a sofa, a sleeping bed, lots of storage. We’ve got one at home and it really has been useful over the years for all of these reasons. The fabric is new, something very unique in a deco style that unfortunately is no longer available. A kind of criss/cross angled lines with a hint of green/gray/beige tone on tone alternating square design. No vertigo here. We got the last of it!



112″ W (with tables) 37″ D 36″ T (in the back) (cabinets are 16″ W each, 38″ D 27″ T)

Price (USD)

$ 8,500
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