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Art Deco Channel Back 3 Piece Sofa Suite

Item #3289

Art Deco channel back style sofa suite. Terrific size and a great shape. I love the way it just wraps around and at full size, certainly, three people could fit very comfortably on the nice large sofa. The colors are a warm green tweed style fabric with a matching complimentary rope piping (a special detail). Would make a great statement piece in your home and living environment.


These vintage sofa suites are so great. The woodwork on the arms has some slight carving which shows very well and adds to the overall original classic Art Deco style. Very comfortable and immediately ready for use.  Sitting back in your easy chair, with a cocktail, reading a book. The set has had some light use but the integrity and patina are a very attractive part of this complete 3 piece suite. One could consider reupholstery (at a cost) if so desired.


Art Deco Channel Back 3 Piece Sofa Suite



Sofa: 74.5″ W x 31″ T x32″ D
Chairs: 31″W x 33″ T x 27″ D

Price (USD)

$ 5,000
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