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Art Deco Iron Console with Matching Mirror and Marble Tusks

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Stunning Art Deco Grand Console with mirror. This is an original custom piece, lovingly made exclusively for our shop. Inspired by the influence of Primitivism, Africanism, British Colonialism and Art Deco. This is entirely hand made using European metal craftsmanship also referred to as “Fer Forge”. The weight and detail of the iron work is identical to the quality produced in France during the early 20th Century by some of the great artists: Edgar Brandt, Paul Kiss, or Raymond Subes.


Art Deco iron console with matching mirror and marble tusks

The marble is carved to look like ivory elephant tusks which would have been used during the 1920s. It is forbidden today for the obvious preservation and animal rights concerns  which now must be considered above the decorative elements. Not only elephant ivory, but zebra skins and other wild animal trophies were very popular during the period but are not politically correct today.


The set consists of 7 pieces:  console, footed piece with marble, pair of marble tusks, marble top and large mirror. This set would look stunning at the end of a hallway or doorway entrance.   It is quite unusual to offer a set like this and rather complicated to produce but the results, as you can see, are certainly worth the time spent by our artisan’s hand craft.


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console: 43″ W 13″ D 36″ T
mirror: 41″ W x 53″ T

Total height combined approx. 90″ T

Price (USD)

$ 9,000
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