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French Art Deco Dining Room Suite 8 Chairs and 3 Matching Side Pieces

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French Art Deco Dining Room Suite featuring 8 chairs and 3 matching side pieces boasts one of the most remarkable marble tops ever seen, fitted flawlessly with beveled edges. Restored to its original glory in luxurious rosewood, this suite epitomizes the opulence and elegance of the 1930s French Art Deco era. The sleek, modernist dining table is long enough to comfortably accommodate 8-10 people, complemented by graceful full-sized dining chairs, two with arms.


The buffets are true showpieces with their wide, spacious design, streamlined curves, and ample storage space inside, featuring shelves for china and glassware and built-in drawers for silverware. This ensemble, crafted from the finest rosewood and finished in a gleaming French polish, will transform any home into the perfect setting for glamorous fine dining.


This French Art Deco dining suite captures the essence of the glamorous good life, inviting you to indulge in “dinner for eight.” Its exquisite craftsmanship and luxurious materials,  make it a stunning addition to any home. We are offering functionality and beauty. Whether hosting a formal dinner party or simply enjoying a meal with family and friends, this dining suite will make every occasion special, transporting you to a bygone era of elegance and sophistication. is set’s unique design, marble, and treatment are unlikely to be reproduced at any price. Don’t miss out on this set; it won’t be around for long.


Dinner at Eight



Table. 79″ Long, 45″ wide 29.75″ height
Chairs 19″ wide, 18″ deep 34 ” tall. seat is 18″ off ground
Armchairs 24″ wide 22 ” deep 36″ tall 17.5″. off ground
Large Buffer 78″ wide 42″ tall 24″ deep

Silverware Buffet 25″ 36.5″ tall 20″ deep
China Cabinet Buffet 59″ wide. 46.5 ” tall 22.5″ deep

Price (USD)

$ 22,000
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