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European Art Deco Lacquered Buffet with Zig Zags

Item #2073

Stunning cabinet with  V shaped/ zig-zag/ chevron pattern, also reflected in the the beveled mirror that tops the buffet. Absolutely loaded with style, this is the type of work made popular by haute designers of the time such as Jean Dunand and Jean Michel Frank, when a fairly streamlined piece had luxurious finishes with these Art Deco elements. We love the carved wood panels that flank the mirror and the fluted carving at the baseboard.


Magnificent details abound in this artistically lacquered sideboard cabinet. The most subtle and yet striking is the shaded surfacing of the rich Palisander  wood that echoes the  deep carved chevron pattern embellishing the border of the piece. Interior has nice refinished shelves for storage.


 The bakelite and chrome handles that remind us that Bakelite was an early form of resin plastic that was considered to be modern and luxurious in the 1920s, before it became as mass produced and popular in the 30s…which was before it again became highly collectible and terribly expensive again decades later! When combined with chrome it is especially sought after.


This piece is a good size…not too big, not too small, but just right to house china and glass, or to be used as a sophisticated bar or buffet, or to provide storage in any room of your home.



48″ W x 37 T x 20 inches deep 45″T with mirror =13″ tall mirror

Price (USD)

$ 7,000
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