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European French Restored Art Deco Modernist Clock Radio Bluetooth

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European French Restored Art Deco Modernist Clock Radio. Incredible streamline rosewood case with brass and chrome speed lines, in an unusual horizontal shape.  Very rare model with wind up clock, chimes and restored working radio (great sounding). Look closely at the dial, “Radio Free Europe” countries listed for short wave include: Vatican, Moscow, Madrid, Rome, Paris, Oslo and Toyko to name a few.


Radio Free Europe


The photos really tell the story here and I don’t think you will ever find another quite like this in the USA.


In addition to AM stations and whatever other formats you can get with the antennae, the radio has been fitted with an 1/8 inch adapter which will allow you to use this with your iPhone, smartphone, iPods or record player. Access your old vinyl, or tune into Pandora, Apple Music or the playlist on your computer to provide the tunes and use the Bluetooth connection to bring the warm, bright, analogue sound of a tube amplifier to any music or recordings you choose. The quality of the sound is excellent – just ask any guitarist since these kinds of tube based amps are still being made and used today. You will have the best of “digital” and “analogue” combined.







32″ W x 7″ T x 4″ D

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