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Zenith 5s237 Art Deco Restored Tube Radio Bluetooth

Item #2654

Original Zenith Radio model (1937) 5s237 Black Dial Tube Radio and Bluetooth. Fully restored mechanically and cosmetically as seen in the photos listed. This Art Deco period radio was part of the Glory Years 1936-1945 of Zenith radio production.


This radio is additionally equipped with a BLUETOOTH / FM adapter  which is powered by a built in 5V rechargeable battery.  A  phone charger with USB port can be used to recharge the battery (USB cable is included).


This will allow you to use an iPhone, Smartphone, Bluetooth or Record player to provide music.  There is nothing that sounds better than hearing the warm bight analogue sound of a tube amplifier. You can just ask any guitarist since these kind of amps are still being made and used. You have the best of digital and analogue combined together.



13″ T x 11″ W x 9″D

Price (USD)

$ 1,200
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