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Zenith 1939 Art Deco model 12S370 Streamline 12 Tube Bluetooth Restored

Item #3599

This is a 1939 Zenith 12 tube model 12S370, commonly called by collectors “Big Bertha,” one of Zenith’s most famous and collectible years. It is sporting the fabulous “Robot Shutter Dial” and a green tuning eye tube. It is one of the largest radios Zenith ever made. This radio has one of the best sound. The cabinet’s unique design contributes to its overall sound quality.


The cabinets’ book-matched walnut veneer is beautifully restored with a lacquer finish and toned lacquer color trim. Every effort was made to reproduce the cabinets’ original look as it came from the factory. Wood repairs were made as necessary. The grille cloth is a reproduction of the original 1939 pattern. It’s hard to see with the grille bars. The Zenith “Black Dial” is in good condition, as is the dial glass. The shutters move very lovely, and the tuner is in both directions with ease. The white pointer and the second hand move nicely around the dial.


The 12-tube Superheterodyne chassis is a performer and plays full dial scale, loud and clear. The radio has had a complete recap electronic restoration, and all the electrolytic caps were replaced with new production parts. All the wax paper foil capacitors were replaced as well. All original tube shields are in place. The dial belt is new and smooth-moving. The radio has a very nice reception with no hum. We restored the electronics for optimal enjoyment and added the auxiliary jack that allows you to “pipe” music from your smartphone, iPod, etc., through the radio to enjoy more than just a few AM radio stations. The radio has all factory original knobs, grill cloth, wave magnet, and speaker. The dial is clean with no crazing or deterioration.






30”W x 44”H x 16”D

Price (USD)

$ 3,400
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