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1930 Portable Gramophone His Master's Voice Phonograph

Item #3394

1930 Portable Gramophone His Master’s Voice Original Covered Finish. This 1930 Portable Gramophone is the real deal. It’s an HMV Model 101, part of a small collection of such classic sound machines which have been restored. The outside and inside dark color give this some special attention and the condition of all the metal parts is original but glowing after just being polished. It even has its little drawer on the corner to store needles.


This particular model offers a “brake” system, which means is completed with a manual latch.  Made in England and the condition is used but works and sounds great.


 Click the picture below to see a video/hear the quality of the record player

his master's voice



6.7″ T X 11.8″ W X 16.5″ D

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$ 700
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