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Art Deco Neon Hexagon Vintage Wall Clock with Spinner

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Art Deco Neon Hexagon Vintage with spinner Wall Clock. This Art Deco vintage hexagon neon color wall clock is impressive and increasingly rare to find in this condition! Made by The Neon Display Inc, Newark, NJ in the early 1940s. The metal housing has been repainted with the original crackle paint which reflects the green neon treatment as well. The  40s style sheet metal trim brings which holds the glass in place and aluminum brim rings has a self-starting motor using a standard outlet with a pull chain switch to turn neon on/off.  Keeps excellent time and can be hung directly to the wall with an opening in the back.


These spinner clocks are really fun to have because they create this continual movement showing the dynamic influence of time. A must have for any collector.



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18” W X 18”T x 6” D

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