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Royal Rochester Modernistic Waffle Iron

Item #2257

It really is a Modernistic, Art Deco Waffle Iron from the famous Royal Rochester Group of spectacular electrical appliances and table utilities!  Waffle Iron?  Art Deco?  Well yes, and that is yet another reason to love this period when nearly everything could be waved with a wand of glamor and made more stylish while also being utilitarian.


Every detail- the jazz age, hand painted multicolored design, the polished nickel metalwork, the butterscotch bakelite handles make this a uniquely fabulous piece.


A creation of the partnership between Robeson Rochester and the Fraunfelter China works, this is part of an entire collection of “Modernistic” patterned pieces . The waffle iron was meant to be paired with a beautiful “batter bowl” and syrup dispenser. And yes, we are glad you asked:  we have those for sale as well.


Here is a promotional photo, showing the items all together as they were originally sold


Royal Rochester Waffle Set

 Royal Rochester Waffle Set

 and the original illustrated page from the brochure

Royal Rochester Modernistic Waffle Iron


These pieces are designed to be completely heat resistant,  fully functional and the ultimate addition to a “deco environment”. The collector who amassed all of the Royal Rochester Pieces we are currently  offering  spent over 30  years in pursuit of these items and wanted to be certain that when he finally sold them they would go to a “good home ”

..perhaps that home is yours? 





waffle iron 11 inches wide including handles,
waffle iron surface 9 inches
height 5/5 inchess

Price (USD)

$ 2,200
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