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Pair French Art Etched Glass Decanters

Item #2173

A perfect pair of French Art Glass Decanters with silver bottle tops. There are alternating panels of clear and textured glass with a hand carved effect in the etching.  The top of the bottle is sheathed in silver banding. with …and the stopper is a large cut crystal knob.


You can decant and make any liquid more enticing … spirits of course, including wine that would benefit from aeration, or fine cognacs, scotch or bourbon. But how about bubble bath or even bottled water (which we are reminded often costs as much as a gallon of gasoline so why not transfer it from that plastic bottle and make a statement on your table). In fact chill up some tap water, put it in one of these lovely antiques and make that  water  seem worth more than a gallon of gas !



11″ Tall, 5″ wide

Price (USD)

$ 2,400
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