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Lalique Art Deco Decanter for Marie Brizard Liqueur

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An Art Deco Decanter by Lalique made for Marie Brizard Liqueur of France. Lalique is arguably the most famous designer of glass in the 1920s and beyond and he did more than just extravagant art glass and architectural installations. He also created elegant pieces for bottling and packaging for luxury  products .


This unusual and rare decanter is made of fine glass, with delicately embossed initials  MBR in the graceful stopper. This monogram – subtle enough to look just like “decoration” at first glance, belong to the the famous company “Marie Brizard” , makers of a wide variety of liquor products.


The letters MBR are a reference to the founders of the company who began in 1755 in Bordeaux, France by Marie Brizard and her nephew Jean-Baptiste Roger.  After nine generations of creating and selling liquors world wide, it became a publicly traded company and today is distributed in over 100 countries.


This decanter comes from the “Golden Age” when they produced cognac, anisette, curaçao and promoted their products with fashionable gifts such as the  paper hand fan it is pictured with that depicts the glamorous era of 1925, or the glass decanter from the same period.  The decanter we offer no longer has the paper label pictured below, but it shows the way the piece looked when it was originally sold in the 20′s.


Lalique Decanter for Marie Brizard Liqueur



Marie Brizard Fan

 Marie Brizard Advertising Hand Fan 1925


Rene Jules Lalique  (1860-1945) is the famed glass designer known for his creations of art glass, jewelry, clocks, chandeliers, perfume bottles,  hood ornaments and full installations of windows and decorative glass in buildings of the Art Deco Era including the grand dining hall of the Luxury Liner, the  Normandie.  He was a major participant/ exhibitor in the Exposition des Artes Decoratif of 1925 and his work in both clear and frosted glass and the sculptural designs he achieved are most highly prized.


Rene Jules Lalique









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