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Art Deco Muller Ceiling Fixture Chandelier

Item #2148

Art Deco Pendant Lighting with glass work  attributed to Muller Freres with newly chromed canopy , finial and hanging fixture. A warm glow will come over you…and the entire room when you switch on this beauty done in the great French tradition of pressed glass design.


About Müller Frères:
The Müller family originated from Kalhauzen with a long tradition of glass workers. When the German Empire annexed the Alsace in 1871, the Müller family fled to the quieter Lunéville. Henri Muller set up an independent glass workshop in Lunéville. His brothers soon joined him, and the Muller Frères Glassworks was born. The Müllers mastered both  well-known glass decorating techniques and experimented with new methods.




31″ drop (length)
17″ diameter

Price (USD)

$ 2,000
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