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Wilhelm Widemann German Artist Bronze 1920s

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Wilhelm Widemann, a prominent German artist of the 1920s, crafted a mesmerizing bronze sculpture depicting a woman and a lion. This piece, a testament to Widemann’s mastery of form and detail, captures the essence of strength and grace. The woman, depicted in a moment of calm, exudes quiet confidence as she gently interacts with the lion, symbolizing courage and nobility. The sculpture’s fluid lines and intricate details showcase Widemann’s skillful hand and ability to imbue his creations with a sense of life and movement.


Widemann’s choice of subject matter, the woman and the lion, is rich in symbolism, suggesting themes of power, femininity, and the human-animal connection. The juxtaposition of the two figures highlights their harmony, emphasizing the idea of coexistence. The original patina is in excellent condition and shows natural signs of wear.



12″ D x 8.5″ T x 5″ W

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$ 2,400
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